Saturday, July 4, 2009

The visits begin

"You didn't even throw up? I hate you!" a friend who came for a visit today exclaimed as she heard the whole surgery story. She's had four surgeries - two were similar to mine.

I know she doesn't really hate me, of course, since she came to see me despite her busy schedule - and on a holiday. She even brought me flowers from her mother's farm.

It's actually kind of good to hear now about all the things I should have been doing or should have been feeling. It makes me feel like this was a piece of cake. Of course, had someone asked me a day or two ago, I wouldn't have said that. But every day it gets a bit easier.

I had a lot of help to prepare for the surgery too. Many friends and co-workers who have had similar things done helped me prepare for the process - step by step. They told me it was a good idea to lose some weight and tone up my stomach muscles. They told me to stock up on prune juice, smoothies and pudding.

"Eat when they tell you to, because you'll get to go home sooner," one friend advised about the hospital stay. "You're not gonna feel like it - but just do it."

Another friend, who has had nine surgeries, said the key is to get out of bed and move around as soon as you are able to. "Hang on to the IV if you must, but just take a slow walk down the hallway," she said.

I thank all my friends for helpful advice and suggestions. I think it worked. I am out of bed, I am home, I am walking, eating and sleeping. Life's off to a great start!

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