Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tomato update

Back patio - too much water (rain).

Front porch - not enough water (covered).

Kitchen window - flourishing.

As you can see, I haven't done much with the tomato plants since I separated them into pots and stuck them in various places around the house. I didn't have much hope that any of them would actually survive. Therefore, I didn't heed the advice I got to separate them further - one plant per pot. What's the point? I thought. They're all gonna die anyway.

The plants in the kitchen are actually the only ones growing. But I don't know how long it will take before they out-grow this tiny window. What will do I with them then?


Anne Sofie said...

My advice is to go for tomatoes next year... Then, sow around five seeds in one pot. As soon as the seedlings can be handled (first real tomato leaves appeared), pot them up individually in maybe 2 inch wide pots and then continue to repot them as they grow, every time putting the deep into the compost as tomatoes will grow roots from the stem and thus be good steady plants.

You'll end up with the plants in really big buckets or pots (about 20 litres/40-50 pints) and you will eat tomatoes by Midsummer or early July.

I suggest you grow the world's best tomato, 'Gardener's Delight' which will do fine even in a bad summer and out of greenhouse. GD tomatoes are small, sweet and... ah, a deligth!

If you still care for the plants on your window sill, transplant a couple of them into big pots (with drainage), put them on the bottom of the pot, fill up with compost and tie them to stakes. Or ask Albie to do it, as you are not to lift heavy pots or big bags of compost yet.

By the way, we've harvested tomatoes since June 15... from the greenhouse, but outside plants were not much later.

Anne Sofie said...

Come to think of it... have I seen any picture of the front porch? It looks nice. Can we have a picture with a better/full view?

Vickan said...

I haven't posted any pictures of the front of the condo or the porch because I don't want to divulge exactly what condo complex I am living at (there are only a few in this town). You can never be too careful when giving out information on the internet, and since this is not a password-protected blog, I don't want it to be known by someone from the area exactly where I live.

Anne Sofie said...

Of course... I'm as careful. Maybe you could mail me a picture?