Sunday, July 12, 2009

First outing since the surgery

(Photos by Albie Yuravich)

After Albie ran off to the store without me today, I got angry. I have been locked up in the house for almost two weeks now, with just one exception - a trip to Walmart on Friday to pick up a prescription. So when he got back from the store, Albie said "would you like to go for a ride?"

Of course, I had tons of questions. Where? ("It's a surprise.") Is it far? ("No.") Will it involve tons of walking? ("No.") Will there be other people there, i.e., should I get changed? ("Probably not.")

A few minutes later, we arrived at... a cemetery. Brilliant.
"Just wait until I tell people about this on my blog," I said, while slowly trying to crawl out of the car.

Turns out it's the oldest cemetery in Naugatuck, dating back to the 1790s. We walked around for a bit and looked at all the graves, thinking up stories of the families that lay beneath. All in all, it was pretty fun, and I got myself some of that fresh air everyone is always raving about.

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Anne Sofie said...

Be happy Albie didn't take you there before your surgery ;-)

Seriously, I think it was a nice place to show you, some local history.