Friday, July 10, 2009

A bad mom

Sophie spent about half an hour today stuck between our outside door and our screen door. The space is about three inches, but apparently big enough to fit a skinny cat.

When I went to close the outside door, I simply did not see her. It was dark, she is mostly black. And she hadn't even been on the main floor for hours, so I had no reason to look for her. Apparently, she had been sitting right inside the door - in the dark - just hoping it would open so she could go outside.

The small thump didn't even make me realize anything was wrong. I turned on the outside light to see what may have been on our patio - there was nothing.

As I sat back down to watch "Say Yes to the Dress," I heard some distant meowing.

"We're all down here," I yelled. "Just come join us."

Pip, our other watch cat, was sound asleep on his tower. Well, if he's not too worried, I'm not too worried, I thought.

As the show was over and I got up - slowly - t0 get some water, I heard the distant meowing again. It sounded tiny, and very sad. I walked toward the kitchen and heard it again. Strange.

Then I ran over to the back door and pulled it open, and out jumped a small cat - scared but unscathed!

Uh-oh, I thought. PETA will definitely make a visit to our house now.

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