Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to work

After getting the OK from the doctor at my visit yesterday, I returned to work today. Well, for a half-day at least.

"Most people don't go back to work for at least six weeks," the doctor said. "I could write you a note if you want to, you know."

I declined.
"I feel ready," I said.

Since there was no pain when he pushed on my abdomen - inside or out - he agreed I might be healing a bit faster than he expected.
"The incision looks very good, very good indeed," he said, admiring the lower part of my belly.

I haven't taken any painkillers since last Wednesday, which was also a good thing, he said. (But yes, I still have some strong ibuprofen that I may need after a few days at the office).

It felt like I got so much accomplished today. I was up early, showered without pain and extreme tiredness, stopped by the post office and then hit the highway to work. The Arts & Entertainment section took me a bit longer than expected - four hours instead of two - but at least an hour was taken up with "how are you? how's your belly? how does it feel? You look so great!" chat.

And now I'll do it again tomorrow. On Thursday, I may even be up to working 6 hours. Imagine that. By next week I'm expecting 8 hours a day, and the week after that I may resume my regular 12-hour schedule.

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Anne Sofie said...

I'm so happy to hear you are well enough to work - like I said. May I quote myself from last Wednesday?
"There is a moment in getting well after surgery when you are soooo bored while not having the strength to enjoy yourself /.../. In my experience next step is feeling fine."
Right I were! I'm happy about that too :-)