Monday, July 6, 2009

Trying hard not to cough

I've been trying very hard not to cough this past week. Three times, it slipped out anyway (yeah, that's about every other day). Two of those times were today. Good thing today was a good day.

They say holding a hard pillow against your stomach will help support your scarred area and will reduce pain. I've seen nothing to support that theory. Tried it in the hospital - never worked.

The first time at home I couldn't stop myself from coughing - and believe me, after you cough once you'd do anything to never have to do it again - it felt like knives tearing at my stomach from the inside, slowly ripping up the stitches, one by one. The second time was about as bad, but since I didn't have time to grab a pillow (I was in the bathroom), the knives were tearing from side to side making me almost pass out.

After each time, I'd check the stiches - still there. Everything was fine.

I coughed for the first time just a few minutes ago, resulting in a loud scream and severe pain. This time, I had been pushing my over-expanded belly inward extra hard for super support, but I ended up crouched over as it felt like a giant fist was punching me from the inside of my uterus and made a huge whole on the right side of my belly. Everying got hot - was that blood streaming down my legs? No. Again, nothing was wrong with my scar. It just felt like the fist was grinding away at it from inside for about 10 minutes.

The ice pack Albie came rushing upstairs with helped a bit. I still have to wait another two hours to take another painkiller. By then, it will be time for bed, and time for a new, wonderful day tomorrow.

One thing is for sure. I am never ever going to cough again.


Anne Sofie said...

Poor girl! Got a bad cough or just a cannot-cough-so-just-have-to one? Some cough syrup might help for the first variety. The other might be better with something to drink (dry air inside?) or someting to distract you.

Did you cut down on the stronger painkillers? Don't. There is no point in suffering. Continue to go for tiny walks in you room and to rest. It is boring, I know, but you have to heal and it takes some time.

Vickan said...

Just a once-a-day have-to-clear-my-throat kind of cough. And it is usually when I am out of water or trying to get more water...

I am still doing the strong painkillers, but not as often. The Dr. didn't give me that many, and I want to be able to last through this week.

I do take a lot of walks, and have even been outside for a few minutes here and there (to inspect my lilies and stuff).

Anne Sofie said...

You are doing very well! And what could be better therapy than to enjoy your flowers!

Vickan said...

That's true. Flowers are a great comfort. And I'm really glad I get to be home to see them bloom (instead of coming home to find out that those lousy gardeners chopped them off again).