Thursday, July 2, 2009

All well - recovering at home

Prior to the surgery in the pre-op area - the worst part. This is where you wait for hours and the doctors and nurses all come to visit you and make you answer a bunch of questions over and over again. This is also where they try to insert your IV and they draw your blood (again) - that is, of course, if they can find any veins. I don't have any. They had to bruise up my left hand pretty bad before they got it working, because the veins in my arms all went into hiding.

This is what I had for breakfast/lunch today. Mostly, I just sipped the Ginger Ale and ate some ice cream and Italian ice since I was too nauseated from my walk in the hallway to look at any of the other stuff. Plus, I had already had the pudding and the Jell-O twice, and they were both way too sweet.

The IV stand with my pain-reliever pump - they disconnected the pain pump early in the morning, but the IV stayed on until about half an hour before I was leaving, when I forced them to rip the needle out of my hand so it could start to recover.

My IV, beautiful bracelet and a cup of ice - my best friend. Despite me not being nauseated at all, they refused to let me drink water for several hours. Instead, I had to lie in recovery for three hours listening to the mentally challenged woman next to me throw up several times. There had been some mix-up with the rooms. And the people across the hall, who were visiting someone with an infection, kept staring at me. It wasn't pretty.

The worst part was trying to get some sleep. Once I got to my room and drank two pitchers of water, the nurses were running in and out all evening and all night, constantly checking my temperature, my lungs and my blood pressure. As soon as I would be asleep, someone else would come knocking on the door, turn the lights up and come up with a reason to disturb me. Thank god I got to go home today.

The only thing I miss is the handles on the bed - they made it a bit easier to get up. If I lie down at home, I'll be there for hours. Which is where I'm gonna go next.


Anne Sofie said...

You are amazing! Back blogging already... I'm glad you do, that proves you will recover fast. Take good care of yourself!

Vickan said...

Thanks, I'm trying.