Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Swedish meatball song

My friend John and I have long joked about writing a song about Swedish meatballs. It should go something like this, he says: "Flugen flagen, flugen flagen."

Of course, that's his idea of speaking Swedish.

I was in Hartford last night, performing at Emanuel Lutheran Church. After my solo, Ken and Ellen Svengalis got up to perform their duets. In addition to a song about a Scandinavian wedding with Sven Svensson, Jan Jansson and Anders Andersson, they also performed a song about Swedish meatballs. I never knew this song by Stan Boreson existed, but was able to find an exerpt of it online when I got home:

Hulda's Good Swedish Metballs

It includes some hopping, so don't try it at home unless you're an experienced Swede.


Anne Sofie said...

What crap! How awful! I've never heard it before. It must be some weird American apprehension of what's Swedish.

The only meatball song I can find is something from Astrid Lindgrens story about the girl Madicken:

Köttbullar, köttbullar, köttbullar,
ge mej mera köttbullar, goda små köttbullar.
Ge mej mera köttbullar, nystekta köttbullar.
Ge mej mera köttbullar, bruna små köttbullar.
Ge mej mera köttbullar, nu genast vill jag ha köttbullar
för de smakar bra och det gillar jag!

...and so on.

Vickan said...

I found it quite amusing. Of course, the link only leads to a short version. There are several verses of how good the meatballs are, how you can eat them hot or cold, with or without mold...

John said...

"Of course, that's his idea of speaking Swedish."

Just for the record I KNOW that's not what Swedish sounds like... It was more of a dedication to the Muppet Show that I used to watch as a kid.

Borgy Borgy Borgy!

John said...

Oh and the Swedish Chef's real name is Tom

oh and if you translate your post into Swedish chef speak it's this:
Cuul Svede-a

A blug ebooot beeeng a Svede-a in zee Uneeted Stetes
Setoordey, Mey 17, 2008
Zee Svedeesh meetbell sung

My freeend Juhn und I hefe-a lung juked ebooot vreeting a sung ebooot Svedeesh meetbells. It shuoold gu sumetheeng leeke-a thees, he-a seys: "Floogee flegee, floogee flegee."

Ooff cuoorse-a, thet's hees idea ooff speekeeng Svedeesh.

I ves in Hertffurd lest neeght, perffurmeeng et Imunooel Loozeerun Choorch. Effter my sulu, Kee und Illee Sfengelees gut up tu perffurm zeeur dooets. In eddeeshun tu a sung ebooot a Scundeenefiun veddeeng veet Sfee Sfenssun, Jun Junssun und Unders Underssun, zeey elsu perffurmed a sung ebooot Svedeesh meetbells. I nefer knoo thees sung by Stun Boresun ixeested, boot ves eble-a tu feend un ixerpt ooff it oonleene-a vhee I gut hume-a:

Hoolde's Guud Svedeesh Metbells

It incloodes sume-a huppeeng, su dun't try it et hume-a unless yuoo're-a un ixpereeenced Svede-a.

Vickan said...

That's SOOOO funny, John! Did you run one of the programs on the text for my blog or did you "translate" it yourself?

John said...

I'd love to take credit for translating.... but I just used a Firefox Plugin: found here: