Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fixing my mirror - finally!

Today was the day for a new mirror on my car. I needed one because of the hit-and-run crash a few months ago.

I found one on the internet for less than $40. It's been sitting in a box in my hallway for a couple of weeks now.

Sunday night - my only free night this week - I said to myself "This is as good a night as any to put that new mirror on."

Since our automatic garage door opener does not work, getting into the garage can be a complicated process. It involves luring kitties upstairs and quickly closing doors as well as unlocking several garage-door mechanisms and jumping out of the way.

After I drove my car into the garage, I encountered a huge problem. Our garage was so crammed with stuff that I had to pull my car so close to the left that I could barely get my driver's side door open.

I started pushing some boxes in one direction, the miter saw in the other. If only I could get that big dining room table further into the corner or up against the wall, I thought. And the treadmill really should be over here in the corner...

One thing led to another, and three hours later, our garage was de-cluttered. Albie's fascination with empty boxes has been minimized to a broken-down stack against the back wall and my obsession with neatness can rest for another day.

The best part? We can now pull one of our cars into the garage without hitting anything. And there was room to work on my mirror. Of course, once I got in the car and looked at the bolts, I realized I didn't have the right tools to get started...

Eventually, though, the new mirror found its home, thanks to a socket wrench borrowed from a guy at work. It only took about 15 minutes - not even a quarter of the time it took to organize the garage. Oh well, at least those projects are both out of the way now.


Anne Sofie said...

Well done! Both fixing the mirror and the organizing. During the warmer half of the year our garage usually is a workshop. Now there is painting going on. I'll clean it out in October. I wish I lived in the countryside, and had a huge barn for all my projects and all that stuff one has to store somewhere.

Vickan said...


Yes, there really should be that space available where you can just tuck things away that you might need some day but don't really want to look at right now...