Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to old me

Looking through old photos, I realized that the time I was happiest and felt the best about myself was when I had short hair. So today it was off to the "Cost Cutters" salon to chop off some inches.

As you can tell in the pictures above, I still need to add some highlights and perhaps fix it up in the back a bit - you can't expect too much from a $15 haircut.

For some reason, I always let myself believe it is a good idea to let my hair grow long. Prior to eighth grade, I had really long hair and everyone would always comment on how pretty it was. Then one day I just cut it all off, and I kept it short - really short - for five years.

At times, people thought I was a boy. In fact, during my late teens I was dating a guy who had hair down to his waist. Looking at us from behind, people who didn't know us often thought I was the guy and he was the girl.

When I came to the U.S., I often heard "but you should let your hair grow." I tried, and then chopped it off again to shoulder length.

I've grown my hair for at least three years now for various reasons... Albie likes it, I want to see what it looks like, it's nice to be able to put it all up in a pony tail... but enough is enough!

Now I finally feel like I'm back to normal.


Anne Sofie said...

You look good in your new haircut! I laughed while reading - it was more or less exactly the way my thoughts go about my hair. It is so practical to be able to tuck it all away in a ponytail, especially while gardening, and it takes no time to fix while a shorter cut probably is more flattering. I'm seeing my hairdresser on Friday. I still haven't decide whether to let her cut of just a little or a lot. Usually she decides on her own, because I can't make up my mind.

Kristen said...

I love your hair short! It complements your pretty face perfectly.
You know what, I'm making a wedding executive decision-y'all can wear your hair however you want. Up, down, long short.
Meanwhile, you've got two years to decide. ;)

Anne Sofie said...

Right, Kristen, don't fuss about long hair for wedding.

When I married I had close to a crew cut (shorter than Viktoria used to have in her upper teens)! In the summer I travelled backpack style to Italy and decided very short hair was the most practical for that sort of trip. Then, the evening before I went, the man I had met three weeks earlier proposed (despite the crew cut)! So when we married on a Monday morning in September... well my hair-do went quite well with my no-fuss tweed suit. (No, no white dress, no church, no flowers, no relatives, no party - just a dinner for two at a good restaurant. After all, marriage is a just a legal thing and strictly between two people.)

ab said...

I agree with you - short is much more becoming - not to mention, much more comfortable! When you are wearing your hair long, you are always aware of it, and it interferes with what you're doing. It's slightly annoying. I'm sure Albie can learn to love it short!

Vickan said...

And he will.