Monday, May 12, 2008

Morbid journalists

Working in journalism, you can get a warped view of the world. It is even morbid, at times.

I sent our photographer out on an assignment last week to photograph former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as he spoke at a local library.
“It’s good to have some file art of Kissinger,” the photographer said. “He’s getting up there in age, and you never know when we’ll need the photos.”

Every night around 9, someone from the Associated Press in Hartford calls our office to see what stories we have for the next day. We tell them about accidents, fires and important court cases.

“Did anyone die?” is the first thing they ask. If the answer is no, the standard reply is, “Eh, I think I’ll pass on that today.”

We frequently get letters to the editor about why assaults and deaths are always on the front page. Why can’t we write about cute bunnies that hop across the road or their kids making the honor roll? Sometimes we do, but it really isn’t news.

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