Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ramen noodles for the rich and famous

Anyone who has ever lived on a tight budget knows the value of Ramen noodles.

They come in portion-sized packages, they are easy to make and most importantly – they are ridiculously cheap.

Whether you get the shrimp, chicken or beef flavor, the packages never cost you more than 50 cents. If you go to a supermarket, you can get 24 packs for a couple of dollars.

I worked in Greenwich, Connecticut, one summer as a nanny to raise money for my upcoming school year at Quinnipiac University (I had to scrap up like $5,000 to be able to go to school!) Greenwich is known as the richest town in the Northeast, perhaps in the entire United States.

Although they lived in an enormous house, the family I worked for was very friendly and very down to earth. I got along great with everyone, especially the four wonderful kids.

The funniest thing about this family was that there were always packages of Ramen Noodles in the kitchen pantry.

One day, I couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner and said “Oh, I’ll just have some noodles” before throwing some Ramen into a pot. The mother, who was on her way out the door, looked at me disapprovingly.

“This is actually soup,” she said, taken aback.

What could I say to that? I had no idea it was considered such a fancy meal in the rich world.

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