Friday, May 9, 2008

Slideshows are ready

We've had some major problems at work trying to get our slideshows/videos up on the web. The way our company works, they want us to do a lot of work keeping up with the internet age for no money and without training.

So they finally bought us a computer, a video camera and some really expensive software. Then they sent a few people to our flagship newspaper to get minimum training. A few days later, they said "why are there no videos posted on your web site?"

Turns out the contracts between the company and the video site were never signed, nobody got any login names and our equipment was not set up to handle the uploading.

A few of us started producing material anyway, and today I was finally able to get them posted on our site. If you have a few minutes, you should check them out. Just be aware that you have to sit through an ad before watching each video.

Bush protest

Touring Brownfields

Easter in Litchfield

Opening day of fishing season

Our newspaper can now live in the present instead of the past...

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