Sunday, March 23, 2008

Today is the day for Ralph Nader

I can't remember the last time I walked out to the press to grab a fresh copy of our newspaper before heading home. Today I did. My Ralph Nader story was in it.

Of course, I had already spent three days nagging my boss to read it. I also spent the evening tonight laying out the page (with some long-distance help from Albie at home), so I knew what everything would look like. But there's just something cool about having "tomorrow's" paper with you when you walk out the door in the early morning hours.

Ralph Nader story.

Matt Gonzalez story.


Kristen said...

Great piece, Vik. I have to show it to Justin-you asked Nader one of the questions that he was hoping you would.

Vickan said...

Do you mean the question "Do you really think you are going to win?"

My entire interview was a lead-up to that question.

Anne Sofie said...

Most interesting. I think it was Frank Zappa who said something like "In America we don't have politics, we have PR". He forgot to mention the sueing... This negative campaigning is very odd to me. Unfortunately dirty campaigning is slowly making its way into politics in Sweden as well, so thank goodness sueing in the American way isn't an option in Sweden.

ab said...

Interesting article - especially the piece about how he has been sued. For what? one asks. It can't be against the law to start new parties in America?

When the Green party established itself in Sweden, few believed their eyes. It was of course perfectly legal, but it just wasn't done! Everyone was so used to the old parties.