Monday, March 10, 2008

Hallway and crown moldings

Albie painted the hallway, and I didn't have to climb the ladder at all! He also made the lamp black instead of brass. I painted the door. The trim and window-part next to the door will eventually be white as well, but we are currently out of sandpaper and I am out of energy.

We also have a corner spot in our hallway that we can't figure out how to reach. The ladder is too big, but the small ladder we have is too short... Perhaps I'll have to take my crazy choir friend's suggestion to tape a paint brush to a hockey stick...

We decided to continue the green into the corner. Now we just have to pick a color for the upstairs hallway, which will start in the corner.

I got a spur of energy today and finally got around to painting the crown molding. I shut the cats out of the garage while painting, which drove them absolutely crazy. When I was done they had to come in to inspect my work.

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Hopp i form Maria! said...

Kul att göra om. va fint det blir!
Själv ska jag titta på tapeter till min nya lägenhet imogron. Kul, även om det inte brukar vara så väldans spännande sorter att välja bland när man bor i hyresrätt...