Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Name That Svensk - UPDATED

Today I had all my co-workers take the quiz "Name That Svensk." The quiz was created by someone named Henrik Goli, and I came across it through Facebook.

A co-worker already of Facebook (the one who loves his cell phone) has been making fun of the quiz since the day he took it and scored 29 percent (2 out of 7). My boyfriend, who doesn't have Facebook, took my printed-out version today and scored 71 percent (5 out of 7). A sports reporter with no Swedish heritage surprised everyone with a perfect score.

If you are interested in taking the quiz too, you can take it by clicking here.

UPDATE: I wrote the script for our new gameshow - "Name That Svensk" - including characters from our office. We have a new videocamera and editing software at the paper, and after I take the training Friday morning, I am hoping to get some reporters involved in filming it so I can post it here on this blog. Not sure how to do it yet, so wish me luck.

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Jim Brass said...

That is gonna be awesome!

I just gotta find my Superman Tshirt!