Monday, March 10, 2008

The condo ghost

A few times this past month, Albie and I have come home from work to find the light in our upstairs bedroom turned on.
“Did you forget to turn it off?” I asked Albie, and he always said “no.”

When our alarm went off this morning, I woke up to find the overhead light on again. I know it was off when we both went to sleep, and neither of us had been up during the night. It was a bit creepy.

One of our two lights in the basement has been out for a few days. Albie replaced the bulb, but the new one wouldn’t work. As I was painting in the basement today, I figured I should try the light just to make sure. I took the energy bulb out of the socket and shook it – it made a rattling sound.

After replacing it, I flipped the switch in the hallway. The light down in the basement remained off. I opened the door to the garage, stretched my hand out into the dark, and tried that switch, and voila! The basement filled with light.

I started painting some pieces of trim, now drenched in light. First, though, I had shut the cats out and closed the doors both to the upstairs and to the garage. All of a sudden, the light goes off. My heart starts beating faster.

Since both doors are closed, I cannot see either light switch. Is someone standing on the other side? Did someone just come into our house?

Heart pounding, I slowly open the door to the hallway. Nobody there. Armed with a paint brush, I open the door to the garage. Empty. I leave the doors open and decide to finish painting. A few minutes later, the light comes on again.

I guess Albie was telling the truth after all.


Anne Sofie said...

You ought to have the wiring checked by an expert before anything disasterous happens. Bad wiring starts many fires.
/Anne Sofie

(I'm able to comment now, but last time I turned out "anonymous". I don't know what will happen when I tick "OpenID", but I'll soon learn... - no it didn't work, so I'll tick "name/URL"... yes! Here we go!)

Vickan said...

I take it you don't believe in my ghost theory?

We did have the electrical stuff checked by a building inspector in September before we bought the place, but I guess it couldn't hurt to have someone come in and just check the wiring.//V

Anonymous said...

Somehow I had the idea ghosts preferred places severeal hundred years old... but of course! You have very few of these in the U.S. so they must be overpopu... overghostulated? overphantomed? Never mind. American ghosts have to accept what they can find, even condos.

But plese have somebody check the wiring! If the wiring is all right, then you can enjoy your ghost! As long as (s)he is just a bit naughty and plays with the switches it could be quite nice. But do ask her/him not to start howling in the middle of the night. That would harm your sleep and be much more irritating.

Anne Sofie said...

Gaaah! Not anonymous again! Obviously I have to press preview first, to get the box where I write my name.

Anonymous said...

du måste nog checka det
paranormal state eller
någon som pratar med andar

och i paranormal state var det faktiskt
ett rad hus i New haven CT som det var andar i eller åtminstone 1
huset blev inte fritt från en av andarna (ett barn) som blivit mördat
av sin far
han som bodde i huset har sålt det
och flyttat
du får tro vad du vill men enligt vad jag vet så bor du i new haven

icehockeynews said...

vad menas detta?