Monday, March 23, 2009

Sipping a mimosa

Since I started thinking about my bachelorette party a few days ago, I've been craving a mimosa (orange juice and champagne).

There's just something celebratory about them. And, of course, the first time I ever had one was at my friend Andrea's bachelorette party, so I do associate mimosas with parties.

Of course, it was five of nine on a Friday evening when I first thought of the yummy drink. No chance I would be able to make it to the liquor store! On Saturday, I didn't have time to do. And somehow, it didn't really seem like a priority.

On Sunday, I got a nice surprise: One of my friends brought over three bottles of champagne for the bachelorette. "It could be for tonight, or you can save them for your wedding," she said.
We didn't get around to drinking them, but after everyone left, I started thinking about mimosas again....

Of course, we had no OJ at home.

This afternoon, after being a good girl and going to the gym to burn off yesterday's pizza calories (the cheescake and brownie calories I'll have to burn off some other day), I had to go to Wal-Mart to get stuff for the out-of-town gift baskets I was putting together. As I walked past the frozen foods, the OJ was calling out to me!

As soon as I got home (and got off the phone with my grandmother), I popped open a bottle of champagne and mixed up some juice. Now I'm sitting here enjoying my delicious party drink and thinking of my wedding that is less than a week away... It is worth celebrating, right?


Kristen said...

I'll be over in five minutes.

ab said...

Never tried a Mimosa. Maybe I will after I've finally gotten my driver's licence?

Kristel said...

congratulations on getting married soon!
i don't know why i remembered you were from norway, i was just in the middle of writing about going to norway this summer in july and asking from you a little information about the weather then etc:))) and then i realized your blog is starting with a word swede...:)
still, it is really nice to see you happy and your cute life in US, i am really happy for you:)

kristel from estonia