Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th

The day hasn't meant much to me in the past since I'm not that superstitious, but as I was driving home last night I began thinking that I should believe in bad luck just a little bit.

This Friday the 13th, one of my friends was fired from work, I had to go to the eye doctor again and convince him to give me different contacts since I couldn't see, I pinched my eye when taking out said contact, and I later lost it on the floor in the office. When I found it 10 minutes later, it was shriveled up and fuzzy. Although I cleaned it, I'm sure it won't be useable. Oh, I also got into a big argument with my boss again (happens every day now since he's always WRONG), and I ended up having to pay $70 instead of the $20 they had promised me at the eye doctor...

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