Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Knitting interrupted

Today I was trying to finish a scarf I started knitting well before Christmas. I sat down to watch the season finale of "The Bachelor" (very dramatic!), and I dug out my yarn and needles from their safe spot high up in my closet.

Less than a minute later, Pip jumped up on the couch and started chewing the yarn. I pushed him away. He started pawing the needles. I pushed him away. He grabbed the entire ball of yarn in his mouth and tried walking away with it. Again, I pushed him away.

Pip finally settled about four inches away from me. I just picked up the needles again, when Sophie jumped up - right on top of the already knitted part of the scarf - and settled in as if this was the one and only spot where she would be able to sleep.

I looked at Pip and said "really, this is all YOUR fault." He got up and moved closer, until he was actually on top of the yarn, and settled in for the evening.

So I watched the entire three hours of "The Bachelor" - but I didn't get much knitting done at all. Perhaps by next Christmas the scarf will be finished.


Anna-Karin said...

Men åh vilka sötnosar de är... Jag har en klänning med snörning i midjan som Albus tycker är världens roligaste, inte så skönt nrä han fastnar i stumpbyxorna på vägen ner dock...

Vickan said...

Snören är ju bäst!