Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More wedding preparations

a Marriage license
a Haircut
a Hair colored
a Teeth whitened
a Tanning
a Table cloths
a Napkins
a Favors
a Table decorations
a Jewelry
a Bridesmaids’ gifts
a Picking a poem
a Taking compatibility test
a Gifts for readers
a List of formal photos
a Menu set

Still left to do:
Gift bags for out-of-towners
Gift for minister
Ask my boss about video camera
Thank-you notes for early gifts
Open joint account
Get rings engraved
Find out how/where to change my name
Start greencard application


Carmen said...

I like the greencard application the best :-)

Vickan said...

I forgot to say that I still have to try on my dress, which I am going to do today!!! It's finally here!!! Wohoo!!!