Friday, March 6, 2009

Bridezilla blogging

I'm sure you've heard of Bridezillas - the brides or brides-to-be who go from sweet to completely nuts in just a few seconds.

We've all heard the stories and seen the pictures of these women who maul their in-laws and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage after ruining cars, homes or reception sites. Now there are even tests online where you can check if you have turned into Bridezilla.

I don't need to take a test, however - I already know I have.

Friends at work already call me Bridezilla. Mostly, it's because I go off on the littlest things when it comes to my wedding. What I hate the most is when people tell me "well, if you are going to do this, then you must also to that."

"I don't have to do anything," I tell them. "It is my wedding. I know what I want, and that's how it's going to be!"

What I want to say is "It might not be traditional, but just deal with it!"

Then, of course, there was the caterer who huffed and puffed over the fact that even dared suggest food could be served from the kitchen. Oh, and we won't be having matching plates for everyone. How could I possibly work? I mean, how will people know where to put their food if they have a blue plate instead of a green???

I probably should have hinted more towards the fact that everyone of our friends and family can cook really well, so perhaps we really don't need a caterer?

Sometimes, the helpful suggestions from others are the worst.
"There's a great hairdresser down at the center of town. They only charge $23 for a haircut, so you might want to make an appointment there the morning of the wedding."
"To do what?"
"You know, have them style your hair."
"Style how?"
"Blow dry it nicely and stuff."
"You don't think I can blow dry by own hair???"

So I took the Bridezilla test a few minutes ago: "Your results: Low-Maintenance Bride. You're a very easygoing bride who knows what getting married is really all about. Give yourself a pat on the back for being so down to earth!"

So there, I guess it's not that bad after all.


ab said...

Funny! Good for you not to be drawn into wedding hysteria. And for Albie.. ;)

Carmen said...

I know people who planned their weddings a year ahead... and stangely enough, they actually needed that year preparation time... I will never understand for what... maybe if I get married myself. So I really wonder, how you get to manage a wedding in less than three months??

Vickan said...

Yeah, a lot of people need at least a year of prep time. Not only does it take most people 6 months to find a dress they like, they also have to choose the right caterer, DJ, photographer, reception venue... etc. And do the pre-marital counseling (which a lot of time includes actually showing up for church regularly 3 months before the wedding).

When you know what you want and have friends help out, it doesn't have to take long at all. Plus, this will be a very small ceremony and dinner, so there's really not that much planning involved. Waiting for the dress takes the longest (10-12 weeks), but I paid extra to have a "rush order" put on mine. It's still not here, though!