Monday, September 1, 2008

The beauty of chick flicks

I wonder why chick flicks always make me cry. They suceed every time, and I know they will - that's why I watch them.

On some level I can identify with every single miserable girl, and I combine my own hopes and expectations with their greatest wish.

There something so passionate about that longing - the one you felt when you were in your early teenage years - like nothing else matters in the world. All that matters is here and now, and the longing MUST be dealt with immediately. The chick flicks I watch remind me of those days.

Not that I would ever want to be a teenager again. It was too emotional.

I recently came across some short stories I wrote when I was growing up. Very early on, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I had this small, black travel typewriter and I used to sit at the kitchen table, spread out my notes and write for hours.

It was all about love - unanswered feelings and longing. It was about loneliness and emptiness.

Now, it's embarassing to read. It's even more embarassing when I think of how I used to make copies and hand them out to all my friends. Perhaps the better pieces will one day be featured on this blog.

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Hopp i form Maria! said...

samma med mig. Man blir alltid lite våt i ögat mot slutet när dom får varandra, för det får dom ju alltid. Det är det som är så skönt. Man vet liksom vad man får.

Funderar faktiskt på att poppa lite popcorn och slå på en sån film just nu..... :D