Friday, September 19, 2008

The Big Scoop

It wasn't a true scoop, because our competition had it, too. The same day we did. But it's the biggest story I've been involved with since I started in Torrington, with the possible exception of the Avon Mountain crash in 2005 - a 20-car pileup that resulted in four deaths.

Through a Freedom of Information request that was about to go to a hearing in Hartford, our newspaper finally obtained 650 pages of documents relating to an internal investigation into the conduct of a Torrington police officer and two civilian dispatchers. All three resigned at the beginning of the summer.

We found out why.

Check it out.

Oh, and if you are up for some naughty reading, click on the pdfs on the bottom to see the chats these people exchanged with each other - while on duty, using police messaging systems - for several months.
(BTW, the picture above is MY front page of The Register Citizen featured on NBC30 news - it's not plagiarism if I take a picture of them taking a picture of something I did, right? :-)

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