Monday, September 8, 2008

Kitchen updates

We've painted the insides of about half of our cabinets,
and I moved my tea and tea cups to a new spot.
They finally get their own cabinet! YAY!

The doors are back up on some cabinets,
while we are holding off on others. They
are all done (for the upper part of the kitchen),
but since we are repainting the walls, it's easier
to leave some off until the walls are done.

And this is what I look like when wearing
all my safety gear! I just hate breathing in
saw dust, and I cannot stand when it
gets stuck to my glasses.


Kristen said...

I'm trying to figure out which is more alarming: the last picture in this post or the praying mantis in the previous post.
:-) :-P

Vickan said...

Tough call - they are both very scary!

Anne Sofie said...

In this case (note: this only) I dare say I prefer the bug to what looks lik Superwoman's wierd sister going madder than usual.