Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our new IKEA bed

This is our new IKEA Malm bed. Well, it would be, if we had all the parts that are supposed to come with it. What you see here is the Malm head board, plus my old box spring and mattress sitting on the floor. Looks, nice, doesn't it?

I'm thinking of submitting this photo to IKEA's "Best Advice for New Shoppers" contest. On the entry form it will say: "Please note that even if the store specifically asks you to make sure you remembered to pick up all three boxes that go with one item, and you actually DO remember to pick up all three boxes, plus you pick up two additional boxes in the self-serve area to make sure you have ALL the required pieces of an item, you may in fact be missing some necessary items like hardware or instructions."

Of course, the customer service helpers will then apologize from the bottom of their hearts on the phone. Then they will tell you that the instructions are available right on IKEA's web site, which of course doesn't help the least bit, since they forgot to provide you will all the hardware - screws, nuts, bolts, z-shaped tools and wooden plugs. Which is why your bed now sits on the floor, while pieces of your old one are stuffed into the back of the garage.


Anne Sofie said...

Funny, my experience is that putting Ikea things togethere works well these days. And, for those who don't know, I don't work for Ikea or have anything to do with them except being a customer, sometimes even a very regular one, like when we did up our house a few years ago and I felt I was at Ikea or DIY-stores every single minute when I wasn't painting... So glad those days are over!

The bottom of your bed looks like a piece of Parmesan cheese (until I click on the picture to see what it really is) which reminds me I ought to do something about luncheon.

ankanej said...

Oh no! Så segt. Hoppas det löser sig snart då!

Carmen said...

:-) But I still like the Malm-bed :-)