Saturday, September 27, 2008

The first presidential debate - UPDATED

I'm surprisingly uniterested in politics.

Four years ago, I won a prize at an election party for correctly predicting that George W. Bush would win (and guessing how many states he would take and what they were), but when there's no prizes involved, I care less about politics than the average journalist. (More than the average American, though, I would say).

Despite this, I watched about a half hour of the first presidential debate on Friday night at work. It felt like the right thing to do.

Had Hillary been the Democratic candidate, perhaps I would have paid more attention to the race. I've never really warmed up to Barack Obama. When my grandmother asked me last year who I thought was going to be the next president, if it would be Hill-A-Ryh or "that O-Ha-Ma," I told her John McCain would probably win. "Mac what?" she said (but in Swedish, of course).

I just have this feeling at the pit of my stomach that this country will never vote for a black man who is young, well-educated, well-spoken and has great ideas. It is much safer to stick to what you know. And Hillary had too much baggage - even to win the Democratic ticket.

McCain isn't Bush. People want to compare the two to no end, but they are - after all - different people. "He's a Republican," I told my grandma, "but this country needs change, and whoever it is, it isn't Bush, and that'll help a lot."

That was, of course, until McCain picked the young, beautiful "hockey mom" from Alaska as his VP. While I'd like to see a woman try to run this country, Sarah Palin is not the one. I don't think anyone is ready for THAT.
UPDATE: Watch the Saturday Night Live version of this debate.


ab said...

Hillary had baggage. Well, it doesn't take a lot to have a baggage in American politics - if you're a Democrat.

I'll predict that if McCain wins (and stays alive), there won't be much change compared to Bush. If he wins and doesn't stay alive - God knows what happens.

Kristen said...

Pretty good photo. Obama's looking down at McCain, McCain won't even look at him. Yea, pretty much sums up the debate.