Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Swede at bat

Albie and I went to the batting cages in Winsted yesterday. Even though I have no idea how to get into the proper batting position or why the elbow should be at such an awkward angle, I enjoy swinging the metal bat at things that fly in my direction.

Most of the time, if I hit a yellow rubber softball, it bounces into the ground since I have a tendency of hitting things from above. Sometimes, I even run towards the ball, thinking that this will make it easier for me to hit it sooner - before it hits me.

Today I'm sore. I realized that I must have used my entire body when swinging at those flying objects - even my left butt cheek is hurting. It's a good thing I never worked on the torso rotation at the gym on Sunday - I got plenty a workout on Monday of those muscles.

(The photos are from last year at the batting cages, but I was wearing pretty much the same thing and looked just as silly. The only difference is that it was daylight out when we went yesterday).

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