Thursday, July 10, 2008

The day the lilies died

This is what's left of my three lilies out in the garden.

Last week, I asked Albie to check on the lilies. He said "I only see two... no, wait, here's something on the ground."

One lily was broken - it looked chopped off or chewed off. I quickly rescued it, trimmed the stem and placed it in a vase on the kitchen counter.

This morning when I got up - ridiculously early, mind you - I noticed that Albie had forgotten to close the back door. I looked outside, checking on my garden as usual. Then I saw that my lily area looked surprisingly clean.

I stepped outside only to find that both remaining lilies had been chopped off with a trimmer. A few leaves were left on the ground, but no other evidence could be found.

It was hard to keep from crying. I've waited so long to see them bloom, and it seemed like they were only a few days away from doing so. Oh well, at least I have one left in the vase.

And trust me, our condo management company is going to get a very nasty letter. Perhaps I can sue? This is America, after all.

(A post on stupid lawsuits coming up).

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Peter Robustelli said...

Sorry about your lillies. I know what would cheer you up. Ordering pizza from Joes 2morrow night.