Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday prank

One of my co-workers has a birthday tomorrow. Boy, is he in for trouble.

This is one of the fun parts about working in a not-so-serious and completely unprofessional environment.

Our boss, for example, frequently visits the local toy store to buy prank items. She has a megaphone that makes your voice sound strange and a cow that we sometimes sqeeze and listen to over the intercom system. The sound is awful, kind of like an outdrawl squeel, depending on how hard you squeeze it and how soon you let go.

Our old publisher, in his office on the top floor, was once so startled by the noise he called the newsroom to find out what was happening. I can't even imagine how people would react if they were in the bathroom when the crazy cow started moo-ing from everywhere around you.

We've had the fart machine under different people's desks. Boy Scouts and prospective employees often take a step back when they see a realistic foot hanging from the ceiling tiles. We frequently move each other's cars in the parking lot and hide them from each other.

Someone got their entire car wrapped in cellophane a few years ago. The same guy once found his car filled with confetti. Six months later, confetti still flew out the vents when he turned the fan on, his wife told us.

I cannot tell you what we're planning for tomorrow since the birthday boy reads my blog, but like I said, he's in for a real surprise.


Kristen said... you HAVE TO submit these to the The Office's website on NBC.

If you have the picture of the car in cellophane, that would be hysterical. But the foot hanging from the ceiling photo will be more than sufficient, of course.

Classic! Can I hire you guys to come into my office?

Vickan said...

Ok, photo has been submitted!