Friday, July 11, 2008

Letter of complaint

To: Condo Management Co.

Dear Ms. X,

I am extremely upset with this management firm’s landscapers. They clearly do not know the difference between weeds and delicate flowers and should from now on be told to stay out of our backyards.

At the very beginning of the summer, I made my first attempt at gardening. Very excited to be living in my first home with a beautiful backyard, I planted three stargazer lily bulbs and watched them grow. They were a bit slow at the start, but very soon they shot out of the ground and I anticipated gorgeous pink and white flowers by the end of the summer.

On July 3, my boyfriend and I noticed that one flower stem was broken. It looked like it had been cut off, but it was still hanging on by a thread. Since the cut was recent, we were able to save the flower by bringing it inside and immediately placing it in water.

This morning when I walked outside to check on the remaining two lilies, they were nowhere to be found.

When taking a closer look, I noticed three sad, broken stumps sticking out of the ground – with a chopped up piece of stem right next to them in the grass. Grass clippings surrounded the area as well. It was clear to me that a gardening power tool had been used to “trim” parts of my garden.

These lilies were budding – a few days away from bursting out into full bloom. I eagerly checked them each day, hoping this would be the day I would see the fruit of my labor.

Now I know that day will never come – thanks to your landscapers.

While there is no replacing my attractive flowers for this season, I think it’s only fair that your landscapers provide three lily bulbs for my garden that can be planted next season.

I also request that said landscapers stay at least two feet away from anything growing in the backyard.


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Hopp i form Maria! said...

säg till dom bara, blomdödare!
Förstår att det är irriterande.