Thursday, July 31, 2008

Helping Ralph Nader

Albie and I went to Stop & Shop today so he could pick up a sandwich and we could get some house necessities before I left work for the day.

Outside the grocery store, a man in a purple shirt approached us with several clip boards in his arms.

"Would you like to sign your name so Ralph Nader can get on the ballot in Connecticut?" the man, who later identified himsef as Pete, asked eagerly.

(In Connecticut, a third-party candidate needs 7,500 signatures from registered voters in order for that person's name to appear on the official ballot on Election Day. The candidate therefore should submit about 15,000 - the double amount - since many signatures will get disqualified by the Secretary of the State.)

"I would LOVE to!" I exclaimed, as we walked towards him. "However, my signature won't do you any good, because I am not a citizen."

Pete's jaw and shoulders dropped, his eyes turned sad and he said "oh."
"I am not even allowed to make campaign contributions," I informed Pete. "You have to have a green card to do that!"

I walked into the store with Albie chuckling at my side.
"You can sign it," I said, turning towards Albie.
"Aha," he said.
"In fact, you SHOULD sign it," I said.

Albie browsed the selection of sandwiches in the deli area.
"Will you sign it?"
No response.
"Will you let Ralph Nader at least have a chance? His name needs to at least be on the ballot so people have a chance of voting for him."
Albie finally agrees to sign the petition, if Pete is still outside when we leave.

Well, Pete was still there, but he had moved to the entrance on the other side.
"There is is!" I shouted as I found him. "Come on, let's go!"
Dragging a gallon of cranberry juice, two bottles of liquid soap and a turkey wrap across the parking lot, we finally caught up with Pete, who was trying to tell a bystander what is so great about Ralph Nader.

Albie quietly signed. The petition will be submitted on Tuesday. A week after that, we'll find out how many ballots in how many states will bear Ralph Nader's name.


BluePlastic said...


Ralph Naaaaader....


Vickan said...

Haha! I wish I could post just an audio file with our office songs.