Sunday, June 29, 2008

Viva Espana and yay for Fernando Torres!

Like a true Swede, I've followed "Euro 2008."

I saw Spain beat Sweden in soccer (football) a couple of weeks ago, and I immediately took a liking to Fernando Torres. The 23-year-old plays for Spain and Liverpool. His blonde locks and quick legs are difficult to miss.

Today, Torres scored the goal that won Spain the championship title. Since Sweden was kicked out shortly after the only game I saw them in, I figured I'd root for Spain instead (sorry, German friends). I felt bad that Spain hadn't won since 1944.

The games have been broadcast on ESPN, one of the stations we get in high definition, and the logo has been a five-second clip of Swede Henke Larsson kicking a soccer ball.
Today, the ABC network showed the final. I didn't realize how spoiled I've been with widescreen and HD channels until I tried to catch the end of the first half of the game at the gym.

Not only were the scores and statistics freakishly small, but I could barely even see the players dash back and forth on the tiny screen. I cut the workout short and immediately rushed home to see Torres and his teammates become European champions.

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ankanej said...

I was rooting for Germany, of course, but I must admit that Spain was well deserved to win. Fantastic game from Fernando Torres.