Friday, June 13, 2008

The kitchen problem

We've been having problems with our fan above the stove since we moved in. It didn't really seem to work.
Even when I had it on a high speed, it didn't suck up any of the steam from boiling potatoes or the smell from frying bacon.
Albie and I decided it was just too old and it should be a priority to get a new one - preferably a stainless steel on to match our new stove.
Last week, I got home from work one night to find that Albie had already been to Home Depot to pick up the hood we had chosen at a previous visit. He took the old one down, and both fans were on the floor in the dining room.
When I walked into the kitchen to look at the empty spot, I immediately realized what the problem was - we have no vent.
So this entire time, the old fan has just been (slowly) sucking up air and blowing it right back into the kitchen. There is nowhere else for the air to go. No wonder it never really worked!


BluePlastic said...

Yikes! That's certainly an impediment...

Can a vent be put in at this stage of the game without being a huge expense?

ab said...

What a shocking discovery! Maybe the builder just felt a fan sort of looked good on the spot... Maybe he saw in a magazine that people seem to have one over the stove and said to himself: heureka, I'll get one of those! :)

Hope you can drill a hole or something.

Anne Sofie said...

There is a solution: a fan with a carbon filter - is that what it is called in English. Kolfilterfläkt in Swedish. They work.

Vickan said...

It might have been a carbon filter fan we had before, but it never sucked up any air. Albie's dad will come over in the next couple of days to see what our options are.

Preferably, I would just like to knock a hole in the wall to the outside, but I'm not sure our condo asssociation would let us do that.

Plus, our stove is up against the wall facing another unit, not against an outside wall...