Friday, June 6, 2008

An outraged blogger

Gas prices have risen with almost $1 per gallon in less than a month here. It's amazing to think that when I first came to the United States 10 years ago, I would get gas for $1.13 a gallon - or, for 98 cents a gallon if I was in Vermont.

Last week, I got so lucky because I found gas for $4.17. The Sunoco station down the street from my house charges $4.35.

One of my friends wrote a great piece about this, from an American point of view. Read it here.


Sarah Caron said...

Hey thanks! How is it compared to Sweden?

Vickan said...

Oh, it's cheap! It's been at least four times as high in Europe for a while. Which is why people ride their bikes and use public transportation.

It helps keep things "downtown" and it helps the environment. But it certainly doesn't help the wallet.

Carmen said...

We arrived by converted painful $5,70 here in Germany... no fun I can tell.