Sunday, June 8, 2008

My home is a Dutch hostel

So I was on my way out the door today, but decided to check my e-mail before I left the house.

My aunt had sent me a message. "Our childhood home has been turned into a hostel," she said, and there was a link to a video on YouTube.

The link took me to a slideshow in Dutch. It's basically a commercial for the town of Kopparberg and a new hostel there - the house I spent the first 15 years of my life in.

After the video, I was directed to the home page of Kopparbergshuset. Several photos show what's been done with the house since my grandmother moved out. It looks really pretty, but I wish I could see more!

What did they do with my childhood bedroom, for example? That tiny L-shaped area right outside the bathroom must have been a challenge! And how did they redo the old-fashioned bathroom with butterfly wallpaper and a huge water heater taking up most of the room?

What about the four huge closets in each corner of the house on the second floor? Did they turn those into tiny bedrooms like I always wanted to do?

Is someone still picking wild raspberries, rhubarb and red currants and making them into jams and juices?

I am dying to find out.


Hopp i form Maria! said...

va roligt, och konstigt, det måste kännas. får väl hoppas att det går bra för dom.

Kristen said...

Wow! That's so cool. I saw the pictures on the slides and said out loud "Yea, that is her grandmother's house!" like i'd been there before or something.
I told Justin it's a hostel and he said "Let's stay there." :)

Vickan said...

I want to go stay there myself so I can see all the things they've done.

Carmen said...

That's awsome Viktoria! If I ever plan a trip to Sweden, I will stay there :-).

Vickan said...

Carmen, perhaps you can translate some of the things from their web site for me? Is it similar to German?

Carmen said...

Dutch is just a tiny bit similar to German :-), but when I get through the text I can get the sense. What do you want to know?

Vickan said...

I'd like to know if they say nice things about the house, if they say anything about its history or people who live there before... how are they marketing it to other Dutch people?

I know the owners are really interested in meeting my grandma to find out more about the history. After all, she lived there for 45 years.

Carmen said...

Hi Vik,

the text about the house says that ist was built in 1890, it's traditional swedish, painted typically red, with a kitchen, a living room, dining room, bathroom and three bedrooms. The living room has the original tiled stove with swedish tiles. Besides that it says the house has a big yard for kids to play and describes activities you can do around Koppaberg. It also tells about the breathtaking nature, climat and snow in winter, things like that. So unfortunatly nothing about the people who lived there before.

Anonymous said...

oj oj, det var tider det vickan!! Kul iaf att de inte har rivit ner det. /Annika