Sunday, June 15, 2008

My new ID card

I've finally become a Connecticut resident.

The thing is, I have to get a new car. I've known it for a while, but the process is so complicated I keep postponing it.

When I got the A/C fixed last week, the service place told me my front ball bearings are bad, my battery is really crappy and my tires are worn down because of the ball bearings.

I got new tires about a year ago. Last year, I probably put $1,500 into my car to keep it running. This year, it was the radiator and then the A/C, which is optional, but I just cannot live another summer without it. Then, of course, I have to pour about a quart of oil into the engine once a week because it seems to be burning off.

My car's got almost 170,000 miles on it, and I know it's time to let go.

So I started investigating a new car, used ones vs. new ones, leasing vs. buying. The problem is, I've never been an official resident of the United States. I'm here on an H1-B visa, which gives me a temporary permission to work and stay in the country. When I was studying, I had my car registered in Vermont because I didn't officially live in Connecticut or New York.

Now, however, I am here for real and it's time to get everything straightened out. The only problem? I can't register my new car in Connecticut unless I have a CT license, and I can't get said license until I take a driving test in my CT registered car.

Speaking to some dealers, however, I found a loophole in this Catch 22. If I get a CT ID card, I can register my new car here. Then, I can use my new car to take the driving test to get my new license.

So, above, dear friends, you see the first step to me becoming a permanent Connecticut resident (I've whited out personal information to protect against identity theft). And I'm going to test drive my new car tomorrow before I make a final commitment!


Carmen said...

Nice smile you have there on your new ID :-).

Vickan said...

Thanks. I think I look like I'm 12.