Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More outside photos

This is what I see when I look out my back door. The photo is actually taken through the screen, which is why it looks a bit funky. On the bottom, you can see part of what is going to be my new garden. We do not own the grass area (or the beautiful drain) or the trees, but I've planted a few things on the hill under the trees anyway. We'll see what happens.

Oh, and the nice green bushes on the right belong to our neighbor.

Just the trees, looking up the hill (also shot through the screen door. It is rainy and cold today, and I wasn't going to go outside at all until I had to!)

This is the corner (shot a few days ago before it started to rain) where we want to extend our deck to put a table and chairs.


Anne Sofie said...

Ah, that wood can be turned into a woodland garden, as long as nobody object. There are lots of plants that like the woodland soil and half shade that the trees and shrubs provide. Good luck!

Vickan said...

That would be great. It is really wet there because water keeps running down the hill, and they want people to plant stuff to solve the water problem. As long as we don't touch the trees.

Do you have any suggestions for plants? All I keep seeing in the store are things that say "Full sun" - the best I found were some things that required "partial shade" for a few hours of the day.

ab said...

Ah, våren....!

Har du firat Valborg då? Tänt någon liten, liten svensk brasa?

Anne Sofie said...

I dare not suggest plants for another continent... but google woodland shade connecticut and you get for exampel Connecticut Botanical Society

Vickan said...

ab>> Nej, ingen brasa, men vi har sjungit Sköna maj och Våren är kommen på våran vårkonsert!

Fast nu är det lite ruggigt ute och en brasa skulle behövas...