Saturday, April 19, 2008

I won't throw this out

I heard a rustling under my desk this morning. When I looked down, Sophie had knocked over my almost-empty garbage can and climbed into it.

After shooing her out of it, I put it back in position. A few minutes later, she jumps back in. I lift her out and watch her leave my room. Not even a minute later, I hear the rustling again and say, "what the...?" before I see Pip, my other cat, sitting in the garbage can.

Right away, I knew it was going to be a crazy day.


BluePlastic said...

Hee hee. :)

We had a cat when I was a kid who liked to stand in the washing machine and just stare up at you when you went to do laundry.

And when I was really little, we had a kitty who would hide in the basket full of clean cloth diapers and pop out cutely. He did this enough that my dad got photos of it. :)

ab said...

Well, seems you need to let your cats have their new beds and get another one for your garbage!

After all - how much fun do cats have? They can't read books! ;)

Vickan said...

Blueplastic>> When can I see photos of diaper kitties?

ab>> I think you're right. Although, it seems our cats' lives are all about having fun. I've rearranged all the windows so there are cat-friendly spots, I constantly pick up new toys at the grocery stores (and then dig them out from under the stove twice a week) and after Christmas we bought the kitties a $170 cat tower to play with.

It always seems like the simplest things are the best, though. Paper balls, empty boxes, garbage cans...

BluePlastic said...

I will have to scan in diaper kitty photos :)

My cat's favorite toy really seems to be his squeaky bee, but he finds great glee in foil wrappers and junk mail. :)

Vickan said...

Foil wrappers are good. And, of course, anything that makes a funny sound when it is shredded.