Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting ready for Bush

How do you prepare for a presidential visit to your area?

Bush is expected to visit Henry Kissinger's home in Kent on Friday. It was supposed to be a secret at first, but someone slipped to the press that they had received one $1,000 invitation to the event (It's $10,000 if you want your picture taken with the monkey-faced man).

Connecticut Republicans, of course, are going crazy. Democrats as well, but in a different way. They are planning protests and gatherings in Kent. They are sending out press releases and arguing about the war.

Me? I'll be working 4-5 hours unpacking pottery and then heading to the paper to look at photos of Bush's visit. Perhaps I'll see a glimpse of his Marine 1 helicopter, or a photo of it. More likely, there will just be endless photos of protesters. Whichever, Bush will be long gone from the state before I even start my "real" workday.


ab said...

I'm just happy they aren't here. Any of them. :)

Anne Sofie said...

Like when the King and Queen of Sweden were spending three days in our county in the early 1980s, meaning a hell of a hullabaloo among county officials, media and all the royalty-diggers among the public. It happened to coincide with my holiday - which I was soooo happy about!

Vickan said...

Well, it went fairly well with the Bush visit. Everyone was kept at least 10 miles away from the monkey face and our photographer wasn't even able to get a shot of his helicopter.