Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adoption discussion

I received another comment today about my post titled The Pennysaver ad. Someone who posted anonymously wanted to know why I shun adoption and give it a bad reputation.

"This is the kind of post that perpetuates the ignorance of adoption. Advertisements are just one way that women who do not have the resources to care for their loved child can connect with a waiting family who can provide for them. There are many reasons for a woman to make an adoption plan besides unexpected pregnancy. Unless you have gone through it, it is not something you should publicly shun."

When I looked at my site statistics, it turns out the writer came across my site through Google by typing in "pennysaver adoption ad." I don't know where the person is from, but I'm going to assume that the Pennysaver is only published in the United States. Which just gets right to the point of my original blog entry.

Under no circumstances am I against adoption. It is an option available for people who feel that it is necessary. However, a country should provide enough of a support system for its people where someone considering adoption isn't left fending for herself. Doctors and counselors should be available to discuss every possible option, and a person shouldn't have to worry about who is going to pay for it, whether it is legal, or whether your parents will find out what has happened against your will.


Carmen said...

The anonymous writer might have seen the movie "Juno". Didn't she found the perfect parents through a Pennysaver ad? Maybe he could't believe that something is actually going on in the real world and checked on Google :-).

Vickan said...

Really? That's what happens in "Juno"? I still have to see it. Now I'm even more intrigued.

Carmen said...

Juno is a 16-year old who gets unintentional pregnant. It is clear for her to give the baby away after birth. So she is lookig for potential parents and founds a couple in a Pennysaver Ad. The movie is nice... Juno is an easygoing and samrt kid.

Vickan said...

I finally saw "Juno." It was great. Reminded me of being a teenager, even though I never got pregnant or anything like that. The movie is different, it's cool.