Sunday, April 13, 2008

The in-law approval

Albie’s parents stopped by today to see the progress of our home improvement projects. They were both impressed.

His mom was “oooh-ing” and “aah-ing” at our wall colors, the lamps, the curtains and the white railing. It’s been a while since she was here, and lots have happened. Albie’s dad shared anecdotes of Sheetrock (drywall) installments and light fixture measurements.

The new bedroom configuration met with support, although I still have to win Albie over…

I’ve moved the bed into the center of the room, facing the door, so that it’s more “feng shui.” Before it was in a corner, because Albie claims he has to sleep up against the wall.

The new configuration offers dressing areas on each side of the bed (with mirrors above our dressers, if the bed location is ultimately approved) and a cozy reading corner.

The TV (now in a corner to the right of the bed) will be switched with the short dresser facing the bed, but we didn’t want to move too many things around until the new setup has met final approval. Then we need brown paint, trim paint, and all the paitings need to be moved around... and, of course, we need some fancy light fixtures above the bed for nigthttime reading... oh, and an actual bed, or at least a headboard.

We also discussed possible ideas for the kitchen and wall colors for the hallway. For the kitchen, I suggested mosaik, but Albie thought it might be too colorful. Albie likes a "desert camel" color for the hallway, his mom suggested "wild honey."

The one thing we could all agree on: The green carpet throughout the house has to go – soon.


Anne Sofie said...

Gaaah! Drop that feng-shui nonsense - please! It's mumbu-jumbo humbug bullshit! But it looks better the way the bed is now. And - this is the important thing! - it is far easier to lay the bed this way!

But why a TV set in the bedroom where you are supposed to rest? Get rid of it. And, that is probably very fen-shui too ;-)

Vickan said...

Well, we haven't used the TV much, but Albie likes to watch games sometimes when he gets dressed. Eventually, I'd like to have a cabinet that hides the TV altogether... We'll see. It's a compromise for now.