Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weight-loss supplements

The Food and Drug Administration today came out with a statement that people should stay away from any Hydroxycut weight-loss supplements.

Apparently there's been some liver problems, other diseases and death resulting from people taking them. Now, really, does that come as a shock to anyone? C'mon!

Who really believes you can take a "natural" supplement advertised on late-night television to miraculously drop 20-30 pounds in a couple of weeks? OK, well, maybe some people do. But even if you could, that's extremely dangerous and not healthy at all, so why would you try it? Are people really that desperate?

Personally, I've never felt the need for fake-looking "miracle" products with ads that scream of manipulation and photoshopping. I don't think I look like the blown-up-like-a-balloon person at the beginning of the ad, nor do I want to look like the too-skinny and strange-looking person at the end. Can't we just pretend we all want to be ourselves, just for one day?


ab said...

The before-shot often looks better than the after-shot in those ads, when it comes to people who are just chubby. Why is skinny considered better? Dieted, skinny women just look hysterical and nervous. It's, for the most part, not normal.

Vickan said...

Yes, they do look hysterical, for the most part.