Monday, May 11, 2009

The weekend of small projects

It always drives me crazy when I have a whole weekend off and cannot seem to get anything done. But sometimes you just need one of those weekends... sometimes you need to relax, or watch seven episodes of "CSI" or read an entire Harry Potter book.

This weekend, however, I was set on getting SOMETHING done. I settled for a few "little" projects that have been bothering me - projects that were small enough that I could do them without help.

(I enlisted Albie's help with spray painting the candle holders above, since he's the one who was complaining that they were "too dark" and "too similar to the wall color." "Fine," I said. "Paint them white." And he did.)

I finally got around to painting our bedroom mirrors white,
so they will stand out against the chocolate walls. (The second
mirror is just drying right now in the basement... pictures later!)

Our lovely collection of former cats finally made it
back up on the wall after sitting in a pile on a dresser
for about eight months. They used to be in the hallway,
but after we painted we figured they would go
better on the chocolate background.

The curtain pull-backs finally made it up as well -
now we can make the bedroom dark in an instant,
and then pull the curtains right back to get some light in.

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