Thursday, May 21, 2009

Awards dinner

Today I'm not going in to work, for once. I am going to the Society of Professional Journalists Awards Dinner with a few of my co-workers.

We have been nominated for the cop sex scandal from last year, where we found out that one Torrington police officer was having sex with two or three dispatchers while on the job. They also spent countless hours flirting via the police messaging system (all have since left the department).

An editorial our publisher wrote on the topic is also nominated... and my feature story about Ralph Nader (yay!).

Then we had some sketchy things going on in the Torrington school system, where a former superintendent forced a principal to resign without telling anyone on the board of education. In fact, the school chief signed documents on behalf of the board, something they weren't too thrilled about when we found them. (The superintendent has since left the school district).

Oh, and then there was the state representative who allegeldy paid a woman $100,000 to settle a suit where she claimed he had molested her as a child. He resigned shortly after we published the story (I still think the whole thing was fishy... involving secretly dropped off douments and such).

And our photographers, of course, have been nominated for some marvelous news and feature photos that I selected.

So... wish us luck! I should find out if we won anything in about 15 hours!!!

P.S. If you click on any of the links and get to older stories on the Register Citizen web site, you may have to choose "print" to see the beginning of the story. For some reason, when we switched to a new site, things got "lost". The words are still there, though, but they only show up when you pretend you want to print the story.


Anne Sofie said...

Congratulations on your nominations! I do hope you'll win. And have a nice evening!

Vickan said...


Anne Sofie said...

What happened? Did you win? Now it's well into a new day in Sweden so you ought to (well...) be back home - or are you still partying?

Vickan said...

Well, the partying DID go on a bit...