Sunday, May 10, 2009

Criminal connections

This is what I've been working on a lot in the past week, together with one of our staff reporters. (Just the graphic; she wrote the story). It shows how a bunch of criminals in the Torrington and Winsted area are connected to each other, kind of like a 6 degrees of separation thing.

Click here to see the graphic.

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Vickan said...

Just an update on this... (And I can't believe nobody from Sweden has complained about the identifying of criminals etc.)

The day we published this "six degrees of separation" graphic happened to be Mother's Day. Had we thought about that? Of course not!

Guess how many angry comments and phone calls we got from the mothers related to any of the criminals - or in general - that were upset about seeing their kid's picture in the paper on Mother's Day.

Of course, we also got the compliments. The best one of all is that our circulation went up about 1,000 copies the day we sold this. That's never happened before (at our paper).