Sunday, May 31, 2009

Does anyone know...

...what this is?
It's been growing in our yard since before we moved in - shady spot - last year turned out something that looked like a tiny pumpkin.


bl00m said...

Hej! Granny`s Bonnet eller på Svenska Akleja. Fröar lätt av sig och är tålig. Vanlig i svenska trädgårdar. Finns i flera olika färger och former.

Bubbie said...

Hello Viktoria,
I am your colleague, the one who enjoys hiking and gardening.
I know some species of flowers, though I am far from being an expert on them. I wonder if your flower is a columbine.

Vickan said...

You seem to both be correct, bl00m and Bubbie.

I googled Granny's Bonnet, Akleja and Columbine flowers and it turns out they are one and the same, aquilegia vulgaris in latin. The leaves and some pictures of the flowers look exactly like the ones I have in my garden.

Apparently, bumble bees really like this flower, since they are the only insect with a tounge long enough to reach the nectar inside! (Thanks, Wikipedia!)