Thursday, April 23, 2009

The week from hell

Sunday - Worked extra on my day off, then started filling out Greencard papers

Monday - Continued with Greencard papers, then late-night dress rehearsal for concert

Tuesday - Blood drawn, tuberculosis test done

Wednesday - Tetanus shot, problems at work with several products, spent an hour at the bank trying to get a joint account

Thursday - Dentist for a filling

Friday - Back to Dr. No. 1 to check TBC test, which will make me late for work

Saturday - Will be a REALLY long day at work to catch up on stuff

Sunday - Concert, with rehearsals all day prior (plus I have to find the time to bake something)

Monday - Working extra again unloading a trailer of pottery

1 comment:

sarah caron said...

Good luck! You will make it through. ... But pottery?