Thursday, April 16, 2009

A busy day outside

Our "new" patio set - we got it from Albie's parents last summer. Today I finally had time to spray paint the chairs so they look sparkling new, and I picked up cushions at Walmart.

I am also making another attempt at gardening... sort of. This time, I bought a big pot (made from recycled materials) and planted ten Asian lily bulbs in it. Hopefully nobody will mistake them for weeds this year and chop them down!

In order to raise our grill to a more manageable level, I picked up some cinder blocks at Home Depot - boy, are they heavy! Thank goodness some guy (who is now living in a tent because he was laid off from his job and lost his condo) came up to me in the parking lot and helped me move them from the cart to the trunk of my car.

On the right, you can see what last year's garden looks like. I pulled out some dead grass and am now waiting for things to start growing on their own. The stuff I planted last year were all perennials, so they should be OK, I think.

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