Thursday, April 16, 2009

A busy day inside

We've had these sconses from IKEA sitting in the closet for a few months now. For reading at night, I've had a lamp propped up on a too-small night stand with a wire going halfway across the room.

The problem with these? They didn't come with wires. You were supposed to hook them up to an existing "hole" in the wall. (All the lamps I looked at from Home Depot were the same, PLUS, neither of them came with an on-off switch. You are supposed to hook them up to some outlet that you can use the main light switch in the room for. Stupid!)

Anyway, after looking for wires for half an hour that looked like anything I could possibly hook these suckers up to, I gave up and picked up to extension chords for 97 cents each. When I got home, I cut off one of the plugs and spliced the cables together with the ones from the lamp.

Not sure this would work, I shooed the cats out of the kitchen and put my sunglasses on for protection in case the bulb would explode before I plugged in the end of what used to be the extension chord. Worked fine, and no explosion. Half an hour later, while searching for little plastic plugs to cover up the splices with, I found an old sconse from the living room that somebody had apparently done the exactly same thing with! I guess I'm on the right path to becoming an electrician...

And now we can read in bed. If we ever have the time to do so.

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